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    “Skills of an IT company, price of a freelancer, what more do you want? We worked with my freelancer on a few projects already, never had any problems. I continue to recommend the service to other people and think it’s added a huge amount of value to be able to fill in gaps in my team, or any business really, where skills or knowledge are lacking.”

    Jack R.Business Owner

    “We had a huge IT project and had almost no resources available to dedicate to this. Training someone was going to take time and we needed this done yesterday. It was nice to have a freelancer that, not only was an expert at this, but was able to coach us and train my team on how to update and maintain the new server. Even as a IT company, sometimes we need to look for additional resources in order to get things done more efficiently so that we can stay on top of our game.”

    Jon V.Operations Manager

    “Having a freelancer that is responsive and readily available in our time of need gives us the reassurance of a “larger IT company” for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the personal bonds and trust that are formed are beneficial to us as customers, and to the IT professionals as well.”

    Christine A.Managing Director