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    Please find below a list of commonly asked questions and our answers. If you do not find the question or answer you’re looking for we encourage you to ask us directly at [email protected]

    How do I setup a Stripe account?

    You may setup your Stripe account through your profile.
    Clients are required to provide a valid debit or credit card.
    Freelancers are required to provide personal banking information and to link your Stripe account with

    How do I reset my password?

    You may reset your password through the homepage by clicking ‘LOGIN’ and ‘Forgot Password?’, or from inside your profile by clicking ‘Change Password’.

    How do I post a project?

    Before you can post a project you have to create an account with us as someone who is ‘Hires’. You can sign-up by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button on the home page; make sure to select ‘Hire’.

    When posting a project you must; give the project a title, budget, skills you would like the contractor to have, categories, and thoroughly describe the project inside the description. After posting the project, freelancers in your city will be notified and able to bid on it.

    How do I choose a freelancer for my project?

    Choose the freelancer you want to begin working with by clicking on ‘Accept’ next to their bid. Clicking on the accept button means you’ve selected and agreed to the bid amount and the project will have officially started.

    ** Upon accepting a bid your account will be immediately charged for the total bid amount. **

    Be sure to connect your account with Stripe before accepting any bid. To do so, use the ‘Connect with Stripe’ link found inside your profile by clicking ‘Account Information’ on the right hand side.

    How do I end the project?

    After work is complete and the problem stated within the original project details has been resolved, use the ‘Finish’ button inside the project page to end the life of the project.

    How do I message my freelancer?

    You may message your freelancer by navigating to the projects page and clicking ‘Workspace’.

    **We recommend you record all information relative to the progression of the project, from start to finish, between you and the freelancer inside the projects workspace. This good practice serves to protect you and your freelancer of any potential wrongdoings or disputes that may arise as a result of poor business practices.

    How do I leave feedback after a project is completed?

    You may leave public feedback by navigating to your completed projects page and adding a comment to the freelancers history, followed by a rating between 1 – 5 stars.

    How do I search for projects open to bidding?

    You don’t search for projects open to bidding. is the first free platform to completely automate the availability of jobs by emailing new projects to local users who meet the projects skill sets.

    How do payments work?

    When a client finishes a project will deduct a competitive low 10% commission rate from the projects total bid amount and release the remaining funds into your Stripe account.

    ** Be sure to have properly connected your account with your Stripe account. If you have not then will be unable to release any remaining funds to you. is not responsible for ensuring your Stripe account has been properly setup prior to completing a project.

    How do I file a dispute or request a refund?

    First go into your projects page and click the ‘Close’ option. You will then be redirected to a page where you will describe why you’d like to end the project early. Your claim will be placed under investigation by our team. Be sure to include as much detailed information as possible about your dispute.

    We may also contact the freelancer working on the project for further investigation. If it is found that the contractor did not resolve the original problem listed before they placed their bid then a full refund will be issued back to the project owner, the freelancer will not receive payment, and the project will be closed.

    Freelancers requesting to dispute payment on a project they’ve worked and resolved, please email [email protected] with your user ID, clients name and project details.