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    Drop By Tech was designed to make tech support easy. By using Drop By Tech, homes and business can connect with local IT freelancers to set up systems and solve problems in a more personable way --- at an affordable price. Launched in 2016, Drop By Tech aims to change the way small businesses do IT.

    Our Team

    Yujin Vasquez, CEO & Founder

    Working in the IT industry since 15, Yujin has always had a itch for technology and knack for problem solving. When he’s not breaking stuff or taking things apart, he enjoys reading books on entrepreneurship, technology, science and assisting those on the same road as he is. His favorite dish is Vietnamese Pho with Sriracha.

    Evan Lanese, CMO

    Evan began a career in IT, but later gravitated toward sales. He loves how engaging technology is. By using his passion to connect with people and help others solve their problems he plans to deliver a great service that does just that. When the weather is nice he likes to be outdoors, in good company and eating spicy thai food (pass the papaya salad, please).

    Alison Dodds, CTO

    With a diverse background in media and marketing, Alison founded her company Skybridge Studio 10 years ago and has since helped clients reach their website, marketing, and graphic design needs. When she’s not in front of three computer monitors, she writes middle grade fiction and runs creative workshops for young writers and teens.